Akpak 730 Intermittent AC Charging

Posted: 4 months ago Quote #1307

When I plug in my AC charger to the arkpak it starts charging for 15 seconds (only gets up to 31w) and then goes into discharge cycle for 20 seconds and back to charging cycle for 15 seconds and repeat. As you could imagine this is an extremely slow way to charge a battery. It's a brand new 100ah AGM battery. Wondering why the charging is cutting in and out? It does the same on DC charging too.

Posted: 4 months ago Quote #1311
Hi Ian

Thanks for reaching out to us about your Ark pak,  we are happy to provide support to get to the bottom of this for you, could you please call me on 02 9678 9036 from 9am till 430 pm Monday to Friday it would be great if you have the Ark pak and the AC home charger close by as i would like to do a field test to eliminate some things.

look forward to hearing from you.


Brett from Ark