PowerPack 2 Accessory Port

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I've found that the accessory port on my PowerPack 2 does not work with quite a number of "cigarette lighter" plugs - including the one on my Waeco fridge (the main thing I bought the PowerPack for). The problem is that the metal of the external sleeve (negative connection) is too shallow to make contact with the side terminals (negative) on the plug.

Of the different plugs I've tried on different devices, I've had about a 50% success rate. So, this seems to me to be a fairly significant design flaw.

Have others had similar experiences?

Thanks, Steve.
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HI Steve
Thank you for posting up your question i can confirm that the female socket on the Power pack 2 has an industry standard 21 mm diameter it is no larger or smaller then the industry standard your male plug that you plug in to the power pack is suppose to have a mim distance of 22 mm and a max of 24.5 mm distance between the negative wing tips it would be my suggestion to measure the distance between your wings to to ensure there this enough distance to create contact.


Brett from Ark
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Thanks for taking the time to reply, Brett.

I wasn't aware of the specs for the industry standard. But that really doesn't help all that much when so many products don't follow them. Like I said, about 50% of the plugs I've tried don't work (generally those that have a fuse built into the plug, which is fairly common). But of those plugs that don't work, the socket on the PP2 is the ONLY socket I've ever had trouble with. All the sockets in my cars (and previous cars) work with those same plugs, as do my "double adapters," and my extension cable. The PP2 socket is unique - the shallowest I've come across.

I guess I'll just have to change the socket on my PP2 to one that might not be industry standard, but at least works with a greater range of the plugs out there.

Thanks anyway.