Charging arkpac730 via both 12v socket and anderson plug

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Hi, I've had one of the 730 battery boxes in the rear of my 100 series Landcruiser for some time, but I'm not really happy with the charging capability from my car with the factory 12v socket. Having the fridge running in the car drains more power than the inbuilt dc-dc charger can provide through the 12v lighter socket. I understand I can run a dual battery setup (heavy duty cable from the starter battery with a vsr) to the 730 and plug into the anderson plug.. can this be kept connected simultaneosly with the 12v cig connection, to still get the 'full' charge using the Dc-dc capability of the 730? Additionally I would be running the vsr to the tow bar with another anderson plug to charge the battery in my camper trailer, I assume this won't cause any other issues?
Regards, Brett
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Hi Brett

Thank you for your question i can confirm that you can not charge this way you can only do one at a time not both together.

the Ark Pak AP730 is able to 7 A/h back into your battery the fridge that you are running if it is a 12 volt fridge i would find it hard to believe that it is drawing more then 7 A/h, are you able to advise the make and model of the fridge for my own curiosity.  

if you have any more questions please ask and look forward to your reply.


Brett from Ark
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I might not have been clear in my initial post. When the car is running you are right, the arkpac keeps up with the use of the fridge, but obviously if camping for several days and then doing a drive for only a few hours, the charger needs 8 hours or more of driving (as per the display) to charge the arkpac up again. I spoke to one of your technicians some time ago and they recommended using the anderson connector to enable faster charging, so if it is not possible with the anderson connector and cig plug how do you recommend I set it up?
FYI the fridge is a 50l Waeco and it's a 120ah fulriver agm battery.

I just changed the display setting tonight to show voltage rather than % and was very surprised to find the voltage is only showing 11.9v even though the arkpac display is showing 99%. How is this possible? Setup is under 18months old and rarely used (mostly kept at 100% with no load. I hope the arcpak hasn't killed my battery. Please advise what to do.

Thanks, Brett
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Hi Brett

Thank you for the follow up information this is greatly appreciated, the information you got from the Technical support is correct the Anderson plug will charge the battery much faster, but you can not double charge the Ark Pak via the DC lead and Anderson plug at the same time the reason for this is the smart charging system will recognize the Ark Pak is getting an external charge and the DC lead charging system will shut down while it is being externally charge via your Anderson plug when the Ark Pak senses that the its not on an external charge any more the Dc Lead smart charging system will activate and start charging the battery.

in relation to your Waeco fridge i would check and make sure that the battery voltage cut out is set to LOW cut, out please refer to your Waeco instruction booklet to confirm how to make this change.

in relation to the display showing 11.9 volts but showing 99% charge yes i would agree this is not correct just for future reference 12.6 volts or more and your battery should be 100% 10.8 volts is 0%.

what you can do to reset the LCD screen is take off the red positive cable connected to the battery, the LCD screen will then go blank wait 10 seconds then re connect it and turn the unit on it will ask have you installed a new battery say yes you have and make the correct selection of Amp hour and battery type then the LCD screen should re fresh.

please let me know how this goes.


Brett from Ark