Ar Pak 715 won't stay on

Posted: one year ago Quote #1320
My Ark Pak won't switch on. I push the on button and can hear the fan go on and the screen changes brightness but it won't stay on. The fan runs if I hold the button but when the button is released it stays off. I've checked the fuses and all good, battery near full.
This happened once before but it worked after a while, not this time though..
Posted: one year ago Quote #1324
Hi MadKaw

Thank you for the question i know you have said you have checked the fuses but one thing i would like you to double check and be 100% on is the 10 Amp main fuse please take it out and slightly off set the blades then put it back in once you have done this please try and turn the unit on if this does not work please call me on 02 9678 9036 Iam available 9am till 430pm Monday to Friday.

Ask for Brett in technical support i hope all goes well and look forward to an update.