ArkPak 730 which solar panels

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Hi i have just purchased an Arkpak 730, i need to get solar panel but would like to get the most suitable for the Arkpak. I have a 120ah deep cycle and run a 40l engel, led lights and charge the odd phone. Any helpnwould be much appreciated. I have asked several shops but they all say something different so i come to the Arkpak source
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HI jscottnis

thank you for reaching out and asking such a great question, based on the information you have given i would recommend a solar panel that is able to provide 120 watts as a bare minimum, if your budget allows certainly go larger but the smallest size to consider is a 120 watt panel.

the objective of solar is to be on par or slightly in front of your power consumption this way you can stay off grid, as a general rule of thumb what ever solar panel brand you are considering when you purchase it you want included in that purchase a charge controller or voltage regulator, this is to protect your battery from over charging.

if you have any more questions please ask.


Brett from Ark
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Thank you very much for your help Brett!!!

Cant wait to test it out
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I am connecting a solar panel to a SolarEpic 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller and plan to connect the controller to my arkpak 730.
Should I make the connection to the arkpak via the DC to DC charger or the Anderson plug
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Hi Reelheat

when using solar panels you want to connect it to the Ark pak via 2 ways only via the Anderson plug on the right hand side or the external terminals on the left hand side.

if you have any more questions please ask.


Brett from Ark
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Hello, Brett:
Regarding the two types of external regulators sold with solar panels, which would be most suitable for the Ark Pak 730:  MPPT or PWM?  If the MPPT is the better option, is the difference worth the extra expense that MPPTs cost over the PWM option?


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Hi rbgrant

the Ark Pak does not discriminate and will work with either charge controller  it really is a personal preference as to which one you choose, me personally i run the PWM on my Ark Pak and it has never missed a beat or given me any trouble.


Brett from Ark