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Hi I have a Ark Pak 730 less than 12 mths old. I have had a 120 Amp AGM Kickass battery. The battery is less than 4 mths old and has been in the pak since purchase. The battery has had light use - running an engel fridge and has been on charge basically 24/7.

Last week I disconnected the battery from charge and it wend dead within an hour. I removed the battery and it has swollen and looks like it has been hot.

Have reported this to Kickass and they have suggested I contact you.

W Mark
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Hi Billmark

Thank you for reaching out to us and we are sorry to hear of your situation, we are here t help and also stand by our product and provide customer service to you.

we are happy to have the unit back and put it thru a Q&A process to see if there is a problem with your unit that needs addressing.

to do this you would need to take it back to the place of purchase and advise the store your unit needs to come back for warranty inspection, that store would then call us and advise of the situation we would then generate a case number for your return and have a courier pick it up and bring it back to Ark HQ, this whole process can be as quick as 7 days or as long as 14 days.

you will also get a copy of the Q&A inspection report for your records as well.

some general information i can give you is the Ark Pak does have built in safety features to protect the battery from being over or under charged.

look forward to hearing from you once you drop the Ark Pak back at the place of purchase so we can begin the process for you.


Brett from Ark
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Thanks Brett.

I would like to get it looked at and receive a copy of the QA.

It will help me isolate the problem.

I have been in touch with the seller (Creative Campers) and am awaiting their reply.

W Mark
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Hi Brett,

I have had no joy contacting creative campers to return my ArkPak.

I am happy to return it to you (at my own expense ) for a QA.

W Mark
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Hi BillMark

i just wanted to advise yes you do get a copy for your records of the report this is no problem.

i am disappointed that you have had that type of customer experience, this is not the bench mark we set and is disappointing to be honest with you.

there are 2 ways to proceed given your above circumstances the long way or the short way, it would be way too long and convoluted to explain both in a forum post the best thing to do would be call me direct on 02 9678 9036 i am at work from 9am till 430pm Monday to Friday ask to speak with me Brett in tech support.

i look forward to speaking with you so we can get this sorted out ASAP.


Brett from Ark
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Thanks Brett I will call you today.


W Mark