Best option to maintain battery when not camping - Powerpack 2

Posted: one year ago Quote #1420
I was wondering if the best option to maintain my battery for my powerpack 2 when not camping would be to use the 240v adaptor and run my WAECO fridge constantly?
Posted: one year ago Quote #1422
Hi Kermar

while i can not speak for the waeco product i can tell you with 100% certainly that when the battery inside your Power Pack 2 is not in use you do want it maintained on charged plugged into 240 volt AC home power the smart charging system will maintain the battery for you while it is not being used.


Brett from Ark
Posted: one year ago Quote #1423
Thanks Brett,
Can you also confirm I note from previous comments you should not run a fridge whist charging the battery in the powerpack 2? If this is the case how would you run the fridge whilst recharging the battery when I am camping? or is this only when you are charging from the Cigarette socket?