Solar charging vs car dual battery system- indication of charging

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I have an Arkpak 715 (with a 100mah deep cycle battery) which has been an absolutely fantastic system for many years. We use it free camping to run fridges and other equipment. For charging whilst away, it is connected to the dual battery system in our 4WD via Anderson cables through a Redark dual battery isolator. 4WD driving for a few hours charges the Arkpak nicely.

Whilst the engine is running the Arkpak will display the same charging messages as when charging via A/C when at home. I always thought that charging via the Anderson plugs bypassed the smart controller, but have never given it a second thought. It's great to be able to see the Arkpak is charging and the estimated time left etc.

However I have just purchased a 160w folding solar system (with controller) and when connected via the Anderson plugs, the system gives no indication of charging. I understand this is what is stated in the manual, and in various posts. However I can not then explain why the system will indicate that it is charging when connected via Anderson plugs to the car system.

Could you  please explain if

a: this is 'normal' and

b: if there is a way to identify if charging is occurring when the solar panels are connected.

Thank you for your help (and for a great product)
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A quick update. It would appear that my issue was caused by a faulty connection at the controller. I didn't pick this up initially as I was getting some current, just not enough to charge the battery. Fixed this and I now have charging occurring, and getting the same on-screen messages as when charging via dual battery mode from the car.

Arkpak is still the best!

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Hi Jman

thank you for the update on what you discovered please always reach out if you have any questions in the future.


Brett from Ark