My Arkpak Keeps beeping

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Hi there,

I have an Arkpak 730 300W and it was working great for my events, but recently it has started beeping and I can't seem to run as much from it.

I have been running 4 x flat screen TV's that are 50W 110-240V and after about 1 hour the beeping starts. If I remove 1 TV it stops for a while but the pack gets very hot.

I have had the battery checked and it is absolutely fine. It is a Gel battery.

Please help.

I am considering buying a new invertor.

I bought this from someone and it did not have the charger with it so have been charger with a car battery charger "ozcharge" I believe and it has been charging to 100% but then still running into these issues.

It never used to happen before.

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Hi Weber618

thank you for your post i can confirm that as you are running 4 items and even thou they only draw 50 watts each which is a total of 200 watts what will happen is this can spike during operation and you are getting over the 300 watt total the inverter can handle this is why it beeps and also after long operation the inverter may be getting hot as well as you are running 4 items from it not 1.

i would agree that for your specific circumstances i would strongly recommend and after market inverter  say at least 600 watts and also see if your budget allows for pure sine wave inverter this will help reduce the heat build up.

also the part number for the 240 volt home charger is APA730 you can order this from BCF, Rays, Autobarn,Autopro, Burson, Roadtech Marine and the DC to DC car charge is APDCL2 and this item can also be ordered at the same places, by not using the smart charging system to charge the battery to 100% and letting rest in a Float cycle the smart charging system can not accuralt determine the correct % left in the battery, it really is very important to use the correct AC home charger for this purpose.


Brett from Ark