Cooling fan

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My Arkpak 730 has already been returned and fixed twice, when the power and DC charger is switch off the fan still runs. I disconnected the battery and it stayed off when I reconnected the battery but how often and for how long should it run if everything is off?
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Hi Mark

Thanks for reaching out to us, i just wanted to be 100% sure and clear with some information there are 2 fans inside the Ark Pak one is for the PCB  and one is for the inverter a common  problem that can occur to create your problem is the red isolator is left in the ON position and the inverter is left also in the On position this will then make the fan in the inverter run all the time so please check and confirm that your red isolator is OFF and your switch on the inverter is also OFF.

the 2nd fan is temperature controlled and will only ever activate once the temp inside the unit gets above 45 degrees once the temp drops the fan will then turn off.

will await your update.


Brett from Ark