Ezi Guide roller failure

Posted: 11 months ago Quote #1475
I purchased a set of Ezi Guide rollers to fit to my Quintrex 5.1m coast runner mounted on a standard Dunbier trailer.
They fitted well and were great to use. Unfortunately they lasted approx 6 launches before the top roller fell off on one side. All other rollers are also showing signs of deterioration.
I contacted Ark Corporation and provided details of the issue.
I received an automated response stating someone would be contact within a day or so. That was on the 3 Jan still no response.

Could someone from Ark please assist with my issue.

Posted: 11 months ago Quote #1485
Hi Purcyex

thank you for reaching out to us and we are very sorry that you have nt had follow up this is NOT acceptable in our view andare very sorry for this situation, so this can be addressed ASAP could you please email me direct so i can deal with it ASAP

my email is

when you send me an email please include the following so it can be addressed straight away need a copy of your purchase docket to vaild your warranty period and at least 1 or more photos of the roller that you said has failed, also in the email please include your best contact number during business hours that way we can call you direct and give you an update ASAP once a decision has been made also include the adress you would like the replacement items to be sen too that way we have that information on hand straight away in the first email.

look forward to your email coming thru so i can be part of a solution if you need to speak with me my contact number is 02 9678 9036 i am available 9am till 430pm Monday to Friday