Holes needed or not to mount the Ezi Guide

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I have seen the PDF instructions that show holes are need to be drilled, and yet I see retailers advertising "no holes" and showing not bolts but U bolts.

Can this please be clarified - what will I get if I buy one of these.

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks in advance.

Hi Jim i can confirm that we now only sell the ezi guides that use a Ubolt mounting system.

if you have any more questions please ask.


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Some more detail.

The eziguide is provided with ubolts to suit a 50x50mm cross member. The eziguide itself on the other hand appears to suit a frame up to 110mm vertical x 50mm deep  i.e. you will just need to buy the appropriate ubolts. The higher the vertical dimension of the frame the less adjustment range in height with respect to the roller you will have though.

So my concerns about fitting to a 75mm vertical height and thinking I will have to drill holes to work with 50mm mounting appear groundless - I just need to buy the 75mm wide u bolts.