Solar panel connections

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Silly question I suppose, however I have just got a 180W solar panel (used - $40) and as it produces 24VDC, can I plug it directly into the 24VDC socket on the Ark box ( where the 12V to 24V car power input lead goes)
If not ( and after reading other posts, I suspect one cannot do this) can anyone explain why not
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Hi Bruce

sorry for the delay in answering you question.

you must always have a voltage regulator or charge controller conntected to the solar panel this is to ensure the battery is protected from being over charged.

if you have any more questions please ask.


Brett from Ark
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I have 120W solar panels and have had no issues with these charging in the past, but over the easter break I could not get the charge into the battery.... I thought the battery was stuffed and replaced it, still the new one drained and did not take any charge.... Isolator was on, hooked through the Terminals on the side... can the solar panels be put through the Anderson plug?
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Hi Kooka

Thank you for reaching out to us we would like to have a talk with you via phone  i am available from 9 am till 430 pm Monday to Friday you can call me on 02 9678 9036.

when you call ask to speak to me Brett in tech support, take care and look forward to getting to bottom of this intriguing situation.


Brett from Ark