AC-DC Charger getting hot!

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Hi Team,
I have had my 730 since they were first released.  Great unit, I have a 105Ah LiPO4 bty in it.
It has only ever been used intermittently for the odd day/weekend so never really put to the test.
This past week it had to put up with some warmish weather and extended discharge time, got down to 22%.  No problem.
As it was home time, it wasn't re-charged in the bush.
When I got home I immediately put it on the AC-DC charger.  I checked after an hour and it was charging up OK, flat out, and I noticed that the AC-DC pack was very hot, not burning hot but very hot nevertheless.  This concerned me so I stuck a lump of metal on top to help dissipate some heat.
The battery charged up OK and there doesn't appear to be any side effects.
My concern/question is - Should it, the ac-dc unit, get very hot?  I know I would be concerned if a normal wall-wart plug pack got that hot.

Regards & TIA,

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Hi Ian

thanks for reaching out to us i can confirm that Yes the 240 volt AC home charger is meant to get hot this is a normal process when the charge is at its highest peak and there generates heat.


Brett from Ark