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Just came back from a weekend camping in France - the Alsatian Wine Route. No, didn't go there for the wine - another story....

But it WAS a System Check for my camper that I designed and more or less put together by myself. The ArkPak 730 of course forms the central part on my electrical system for devices. So, I loaded it up - it had been charging in my hobby room, waiting for the big day. Stuck the 2 12v plugs into the ArkPak, plugged the ArkPak into the 12v plug at the rear of the van and started the motor and tested. My Waeco CDF-36 showed the LED screen as working and the water pump pumped water into the sink (and the drain to the refuse water canister worked and didn't leak).

When I got to the camping ground, I turned off the isolator, unplugged 12v charger plug from the van and the Ark Pak. Hooked up the mains to the van via CEE plug, then plugged the 230v charger into the ArkPak and into the van side of the CEE plug. I then turn on the isolator. I had nothing plugged into the inverter plug on the ArkPak730. The inverter switch was in the "off" position. I checked. I then checked the Waeco CDF-36 and the water pump and both were working. BTW - the 2 12v cables running into the ArkPak have lights on them and they were lit.

To recap. The ArkPak's inverter was in the "off" position. The ArkPak itself was drawing power from the CP's mains - this morning it showed fully charged @13.2v/100%. But it was delivering power to the Waeco and the water pump.

I thought, in order for the ArkPak to deliver power to USB, 12v devices and/or through the inverter, the inverter switch itself needs to in the "on" position. Is this not the case?

Thanks for the prompt answer!