ARKPAK 730 Not Charging 12V

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I just used my 12V cable for the first time and after 8 hours driving with 12V connected, there was no change in the charge level of the AP. I have had no trouble charging the AP with 240V or solar via Anderson plug (and controller).  The ARKPAK 730 was purchased in January 2018. The battery is brand new also and is a Fullriver AGM 105Ah.

I have now completed some basic investigations. I connected the AP in the car with the engine running and watched the LED display for some time. After connection, a short while (minute ?) the display shows Charge cycle at about +50 watts for about a second or so and then immediately goes back to Discharge cycle. After a few more minutes, this repeats ie short period of Charge and then back to Discharge.

I have checked my car's 12V cigarette outlets with a multi-meter and they all show around 14V. I then checked the ARKPAK 12V cable and noted that the output voltage was 11.9V to 12V despite a 14V input. Is this normal or do I have a faulty 12V cable and could this be the cause of the problem?

I am about to depart for a trip to the Gibb River Road from Shark Bay and really need to come up with some sort of solution to this problem as I will definitely need the 12V charging to be working for a successful trip.
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Hi Barney G  

Thank you for reaching out to us this is much appreciated, from my understanding my colleague has already replied to you via Facebook, so please keep us update on how that goes look forward to hearing from you if you feel you need additional help and support.


Brett from Ark
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I don't have a Facebook account and I've checked the Ark Facebook page and the last post there was June 7 re the QLD caravan and camping show????
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Hi Barney

let me first start by saying sorry that your forum question has been overlooked when i spoke with my colleague who looks after email enquirers he mentioned that you had sent an email in and it had been answered, and as you can see that is what i replied with on this forum.

i am happy to acknowledge and accept the oversight on my behalf not following your thread more closely then i should as it had been marked complete by me.

Ark is celebrating 40 years in business this year and we pride ourselves on after sales service.

i am sorry that i have not watched your thread more closely this is solely my fault.

if you need help and support while on your trip you are most welcome to call 02 9678 9036 during business hours and ask for me Brett in tech support.

once again i am sorry for my oversight in marking your forum thread complete.


Brett from Ark