5 beeps alarm signal

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Yesterday I plugged my Waeco fridge/freezer into the 12V cigarette type socket on my Arkpak.  All good so I went shopping. When I returned I heard a "beeping" noise and found that it was coming from the Arkpak. I pulled the plug out of the Arkpak 12V cigarette type socket but the "beeping" continued. I turned the Arkpak OFF.
Today, I reconnected my Waeco fridge/freezer to the Arkpak 12V cigarette output socket. All good until later when I went to check I again heard the "beeping" . There were 5 "beeps", then pause, then 5 "beeps" again, then pause etc, etc.
I then searched the User Manual and found a segment relating to the 240V inverter. It stated that a 5 "beep" alarm signal was an "Over Load Alarm"???
I did not have anything plugged into the 240V Inverter socket but I noticed that the switch was in the "ON" position.
I turned the switch to "OFF" and the alarm "beeps" stopped.
All was then OK and the Waeco continues to be powered as per specifications.

So my question is as follows:-
If the Inverter/USB switch is in the "ON" position and nothing is connected to the 240V AC socket will the alarm "beeps" activate if a 12v appliance is connected to the 12V cigarette type socket BUT nothing is connected to the 24OV output socket??

If "Yes" then all is good.   If "NO" then what is wrong with my Arkpak?

With the Inverter switch in the "OFF" position  all is good and my Waeco fridge/freezer is operating as normal from the 12V Arkpak socket.
With the Inverted switch in the "ON" position" the 5 beeps eventually activate and is very annoying

Your response would be appreciated.


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Hi David

Thank you for reaching out to us, when this beeping happens can you please advise what the voltage is on the LCD screen ? it would be my opinion that its not an overload alarm you are hearing the reason for this you have nothing plugged into the AC outlet  but it may be a low voltage alarm warning as the battery voltage may be below 11.2 volts and close to it.

also if you want you are moist welcome to call me on 02 9678 9036 during business hours of 9am till 430pm Monday to Friday and we can work thru it over the phone together if you feel that is better.


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Hi Brett and thank you for your prompt response to my query above. It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone yesterday afternoon especially since you have resolved my query.

An explanation for other ArkPak users who may have the same issue/query.

Brett directed me to the Inverter specifications table in the ArkPak Instruction Manual.
The specifications indicate that the Inverter input voltage range was DC 10Volt - 15Volt.
What is not stated is that there is a tolerance of +/- 0.5Volts that should be applied to the listed specs.

The Instruction Manual states that the Inverter will start to sound a warning alarm once the battery is getting low and reaches 11.00Volts. It will auto switch off when 10.00Volts is reached. Perhaps the +/- 0.5V tolerance has an impact on those figures.
But Brett advises that the warning alarm will also sound if the battery level is considered to be high. So if the +/- 0.5V tolerance is applied to the 15V upper voltage range of the Inverter, then the warning alarm could activate at 14.5Volts.

In my case the ArkPak was on charge using the 240V mains AC/DC power supply. When the "warning beeps" started I noticed that the voltage reading on the screen was 14.5Volts and the Inverter switch was in the "ON" position with no appliance attached to the Inverter.
The ArkPak obviously sensed a "high" input voltage so sounded the warning beeps.
The solution was to turn the Inverter switch to the "OFF" position because nothing was attached the Inverter to draw current (and thus reduce battery voltage I guess).

Brett, thanks again and I hope that my interpretation of our phone discussion is accurate.