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For some weeks now I have had the ALARM LOW BATTERY words on the display screen after I turn on the ArlPak display. The words appear after the initial startup screen appears stating 13.9V and 100% charged.

When I connect my Waeco fridge/freezer to a cigarette type 12V on the Waeco, the Waeco operates OK but the display screen will show ALARM LOW BATTERY at intervals. There is no audible alarm signal. The inverter/USB switch is in the OFF position.

When I connect the 240V AC charger the screen reverts to normal showing 13.9V and in the DISCH cycle. This is obvious with the Waeco still connected and operating. As soon as I remove the charger the screen reverts to ALARM LOW BATTERY.
I again connect the charger and all is good.
I left the charger on overnight as well as the Waeco turned on. This morning the display shows all is OK with the battery in discharge mode and reading 13.9V.
Then as soon as I unplugged the charger the screen reverted to displaying ALARM LOW BATTERY.
Something sounds wrong to me.
Your assistance would be appreciated.
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Hi dlpeek

you need to check and confirm the battery voltage with a mulitmetre  the battery voltage must be confirmed as above 10.8 volts if this is the case and the mulitermeter confirms the battery voltage is above 10.8 volts  you need to check the under side of the Ark pak where there are 4 fuses and you want to check the 10 amp MAIN fuse.

if your battery voltage is below 10.8 volts then your battery will need to be replaced.


Brett from Ark
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Thank you Brett for your response and I did as you suggested.

I disconnected my WAECO fridge /freezer from one of the 12V output sockets (WAECO was still operating normally) and then completely disconnected the battery leads from my 130AH AGM battery which was only purchased mid last year. I am very confident that my battery is 100% serviceable.
I used a digital multimeter and measured 12.66 volts across the battery terminals.
I checked each of the 10Amp red fuses and the blue 15Amp fuse under the lid using the multimeter in the "resistance" measuring mode. Each fuse had continuity so no faulty fuse.
I was a technical officer in the communications industry and have had 44 years of employment history using both analogue and digital meters.

So there must be another problem which is causing me frustration. I will copy this response in the forum post.

David Peek

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Hi David

thank you for the update i am available from 9am till 430pm Monday to friday when you get a free moment could you call me on 02 9678 9036 and i would like to do a field test on your unit while we are on the phone.

look forward to hearing from you so we can get to the bottom of it for you.


Brett from ark
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Thanks Brett.
I will call you tomorrow and hopefully we will can a solution to the ALARM LOW BATTERY display problem that I am experiencing.

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Thank you once again Brett for your time on Friday.
After speaking with you on the phone and performing the "field" tests you determined that there was an issue that needed to be sorted out at your technical facility in Arndell Park. It was great to meet you face-to-face at your work place and I am pleased that your technical team was able to find a problem with the Arkpak while I was there. It confirmed my thoughts that something was wrong.
I look forward to picking up the repaired ArkPak in due course so that I can be confident that it is OK for my next camping trip.
For other readers of this forum, Brett's technical team found a "burn" mark on the Printed Circuit Board which was causing an open circuit indicator to be read by the software program...this resulted in the Alarm Low Battery on the display. The ArkPak was still actually functioning OK and was running my fridge/freezer etc successfully. My issue with the ArkPak when disconnected from a charging source was showing Alarm Low Battery even though a multimeter test showed the battery was charged OK. When camping I just didn't know when I needed to recharge my battery because it continually showed Alarm Low Battery even though my 12V attachments were working OK. It was frustrating.

Anyway, Brett. Once again thanks for your time and patience and I hope you enjoy your holidays. I look forward to the email/phone call from Ark to advise me that my unit has been repaired and is ready for me to collect.

David Peek