Adapter for 13 pin Towbar Electrical Connector

Posted: 5 years ago Quote #188
I recently purchased a VW Touareg with a factory fitted towbar. Unfortunately the towbar came with a 13 pin (female) european electrical socket. The trailers I tow all have small round 7 pin female plugs.

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a suitable adapter? ie 13 pin round european male to small 7 pin round male.

Posted: 5 years ago Quote #189
Hi Rob

I believe the dealership should modify a vehicle’s wiring to conform to Australian standards before delivery.

if they don't do the above then they should provide you with an adaptor to suit your needs, i know Audi dealers do this for there customers.

i have heard of stories of owners searching the tool box bag and spare tyre tool bag kit and finding them there, it may save you from buying one direct from the dealer.

we do not have an adaptor to suit a 13 pin round EU socket.

please keep me updated on how things go and if you find it in your spare tyre tool kit or spare tyre compartment.


Brett from Ark