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Shin Protector & Ball Cover

Protect your shins and your balls!

Ark's patented new shin protector & built-in ball cover is the next step on from the original shin protector that Ark invented many years ago.
Not ony does it protect your shins, but with the built in ball cover it prevents oily or ruined clothes. When towing the ball cover is neatly stored
in the custom made slot - so you'll no longer lose your ball cover (or have it stolen !)

* Fits most 50mm & 1 7/8” Tow Balls
* Made from flexible, durable rubber
* Special “non-slip” teeth to help tow ball grip better when tightened
* Special storage groove to store ball cover whilst towing

€0.00 (EUR)
Packaging Part#
Display box of 6 SPC50D
€0.00 (EUR)
Packaging Part#
Blister SPC50B