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Telescopic Trailer Board

Ark Corporation’s innovative Telescopic Trailer Boards unique design incorporates a strong, yet simple, quick-click mechanism to extend the board from 850mm to 1850mm with various combinations in between. Complete with Slimline LEDs including a built in licence plate lamp, unique license plate holder, fastening straps and 8 metres of tinned cable moulded to a universal socket.

Also available are a range of 7 pin plug adaptors commonly used nationwide. The consumer simply purchases the Telescopic Trailer Board and then the appropriate plug to suit their vehicle socket. With a simple click, the Telescopic Trailer Board is ready to use. This innovative solution will help retailers reduce the space required to display trailer boards in-store by up to 66%.

Telescopic Trailer Board
Adjusts from 850 - 1850, complete with LED including a licence plate lamp, a licence plate holder and 8M of cable moulded to a universal socket.

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